1. Carbs Make You Gain Weight

       It is a myth that Carbs leads to gain in weight. The fact is that not all Carbs are bad, and you need required amount of carbs everyday as it acts as a fuel to provide energy to the body and also spares Proteins to do their functions properly. However, Simple carbs such as Refined Cereals, Sugar, Sweets , if consumed in large quantities will definitely lead to Weight Gain. Complex Carbs such as Whole Grain, Whole Fruits and some Vegetables should be consumed to lose weight.

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  1. You Should Skip Meals For A Lean Body

       No, you should not skip meals to lose weight. In fact when you start skipping meals you tend to become hungrier and eat more. Even the Metabolism of the body decreases if you are skipping meals.

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  1. Low Fat Foods Always Help You Lose Weight

       The fact is low fat foods are made with more salt and more additives to make them more appetizing. These low fat food products when consumed in more quantities will lead to weight gain.


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  1. Control Your Food Portions

       Even if you control your portion size but you are still consuming high calories in small portions then this won’t help you in getting rid of extra weight. It is the calories which should be take care.

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5. Blame Your Genes For Weight Gain

       No, this is not true that your genetics are causing weight gain! The truth is that it could be the lifestyle of your parents or family which is responsible for their excessive weight. You don’t inherit the FAT genes but you inherit the lifestyle.


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  1. Always Trust On FAD Diets

     FAD Diets such as Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean gives you weight loss but that weight loss is not sustained for a long time. It generally comes back and you tend to eat more after completion of FAD diets because it is low in nutrients and also very low calorie.

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