Amla The Superfruit

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a superfruit as it’s the best source of Vitamin C. It also provides nutrients like Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Carotene and Vitamin B-complex.

Vitamin C helps fight against cold and flu, raises your immunity and metabolism. As a natural antioxidant, it helps fight the free radicals, slows ageing process, keeps your skin and hair healthy.

You can consume amla as it is, added to soups with beetroots and carrots, sundried salted candies pickles, juice or powders.

Benefits of Amla-

  1. Hair growth and pigmentation
    It strengthens hair roots, gives a shiny and lustrous mane, prevents premature greying of hair and maintains hair colour.
  2. Amla contains chromium which reduces LDL cholesterol and heart disease.
  3. Amla juice mixed with ginger and honey cures sore throat.
  4. Amla powder is the purest source of Vitamin C which makes blood vessels stronger and thicker, and strengthens your immune system.
  5. For a nice glow, you can make a quick face mask by mixing Amla powder with yoghurt and honey.
  6. Amla has a high fibre content which cures constipation, acidity and stomach ulcers.
  7. It is antiaging and is the secret of a beautiful skin.
  8. As its anti-inflammatory, it reduces stomach acid and inflammation.
  9. Amla powder mixed with a teaspoon of honey is a great blood purifier.
  10. Amla consumed daily helps to increase haemoglobin.
  11. It is good for diabetics as it assists in proper absorption of Insulin and reduces blood glucose.
  12. It prevents gall stones by converting extra cholesterol to bile.
  13. It provides relief from mouth ulcers.
  14. Amla helps in curing itchy and sore eyes.
  15. By increasing body metabolism it helps in fast weight loss, gain in lean muscle mass and high energy levels.
  16. It helps detoxify the body by increasing frequency and volume of urine and helps release extra toxins and salts.

Hence it’s a must have in your daily diet.

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