Best Ways to Boost your Metabolism

 good metabolism

Most people are aware that having a good metabolism is important for the overall health. Metabolism is all about chemical and physical processes in the body. Metabolic rate determines how fast the energy is produced and used by the body. There are many factors which influence metabolism such as age, gender, body mass, eating habits, type of lifestyle and so on.

Best ways to improve your Metabolism:-

                                                                      Good MetabolismAvoid Skipping Breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it starts up the metabolism. During sleep, the metabolism slows down and eating healthy breakfast increases your resting metabolism. So it is very important that after waking up eat a healthy and fulfilling breakfast to help your metabolism reach its optimal level.

MetabolismEat Small Frequent Meals

Rather than eating 3 big meals a day, it’s better to take small 5-6 meals, after every 2-3 hours. Long gaps in meals slow down metabolism. Eating small frequent meals helps to keep the metabolism active.


Eat more Protein Rich Food

Your body burns many calories to digest protein than carbohydrates and fats. Protein rich food speeds up the metabolism by providing extra energy during protein digestion. So add more protein rich food in your diet such as low-fat dairy products, egg whites, chicken, fish, legumes, tofu, nuts, beans, etc to increase your metabolic efficiency.

                                                                    adult-15814_960_720Say No to Starvation

Starving yourself is one of the poorest decision you make while trying to lose weight. Consuming very low-calorie diet will slow your metabolic rate. The fundamental of a good metabolism is consuming the adequate amount of nutrients and calories as per the need and your body type.

                                                                   drinking-water-filter-singapore-1235578_960_720Stay Hydrated

If you are dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down. So avoid this by drinking enough water per day as well as consume more fruits and vegetables which are rich in fluids.


                                                                       people-2537324_960_720Get enough Sleep

Sleep is very important to regulate metabolism. Fatigue and poor sleeping habits can decrease metabolic activity. So get enough sleep at least 8 hours per day to avoid fatigue during the day.

                                                                        dimagrire-le-gambe_NG2Regular physical activity and movement

Regular physical activity and exercise keep your metabolic rate high. So include any workout or physical activity in your daily routine such as walking, running, climbing the stairs, dancing, swimming, sports activity, skipping or any other activity to boost up your metabolism.

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