Childhood Obesity, Possible Reasons and Prevention


In today’s era obesity has become a major health concern which is further associated with different health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, heart related disorders, orthopedic disorders and so on. It not only affects adults but also children at very early age.

Myriad of reasons behind obesity such as

• Sedentary lifestyle.

• Busy and hectic schedule of parent’s resulting in parents not able to find enough time for cooking and hence children eating packaged food more often.

• Less physical activity now days as children spend most of their time with gadgets, playing video games and watching programs.

• Poor eating habits as everyone tends to skip important meals during the day and compensate it with late night meals.

• Consumption of high calorie fast food/junk food due to their easy availability.

• Drinking more sugary and carbonated drinks.

• Lack of sleep contributes to disturbed metabolism hence easy weight gain.

• Genetic factor.

How to prevent childhood obesity?

Well there are certain ways by which obesity in children is prevented –

• Adopt healthy eating habits for whole family.

• Limit consumption of outside food. Try to cook healthy food at home and eat together as often as possible.

• Don’t always say no to child; try to make their favorite dishes at home in nutritious way to make them healthier.

• Cut out sugary carbonated drinks and introduce child with healthy drinks such as fruits shakes made with skimmed or cow’s milk, healthy fruit juices and homemade soups.

• Try to add variety of options in diet and prepare a new dish when you know your child is hungry.

• Limit portion size.

• Pack healthy food for school going children in their lunch boxes.

• Don’t always force them to eat fruits and vegetables. As for their growth, a portion should include each food group (cereals, pulses, milk and milk products, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, poultry (egg, meat, and fish).

• Find a fun activity for your child like swimming class, dancing, riding bicycle to increase physical engagements.

• Take your child for a walk, to park, activity area or ask to play cricket, badminton, hide and seek. Go to a sports event to build their interest in particular sport.

• Ensure your child had enough sleep and do remove TV, music player from sleeping area.

• The most important thing is to reduce their screen timing.

healthy eating

Tips that help to develop good eating habits in your child:-

• Be a healthy eating role model.

• Do not skip breakfast as it is the first and most important meal of the day`

• Encourage your child to eat slowly and chew the food properly.

• Cut fruits and vegetables and give to your children to eat in different varieties from an early age to develop healthy eating habits.

• Eat meals with family as often as possible.

• Tea and coffee should be restricted.

• Regularity in meal timings is also an important factor to keep in mind for maintaining proper health.

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