Consult Immediately if You have these Symptoms

Do you feel stiffness in joints especially in the morning? Pain and swelling around the joints after a long time sitting or standing?

Osteoarthritis could be a cause of your problem!

Osteoarthritis is inflammation of joints caused due to wear and tear, changes in the cartilage between two joints. It is a slow degenerative disease which develops over the years but doesn’t mean it is painful all the time, symptoms depend on the severity of the problem.


Osteoarthritis commonly starts after 40. But nowadays it’s also affecting people in early age. It is caused by overuse or long period of inactivity, injury or operation of the joints which can also lead to arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is most common in weight wearing joints like the hip joint, knee joint, and spine. But also affects the neck, finger joints, shoulder and great toe.

Some common signs of osteoarthritis you should not avoid and consult with specialists are


Pain becomes worse until the end of the day or when you move your joint. In severe stage leads to continuous pain, even during rest also.



There are two types of swelling – soft and hard. Soft swelling due to collection of fluids and hard because of osteophyte formation (bony projection or enlargement due to degeneration cartilage)


The joint becomes stiff, not free to move easily. Mostly it happens during the morning or after long time inactivity.


When you press your joint you feel discomfort and pain in that area.

Frequent crepitus

A cracking or grinding sound will produce when you move the joint.


If stiffness persists for longer duration it may convert into deformity. Osteophyte formation and cartilage loss lead to deformity.


Osteoarthritis of the knee is a very common of the knee problem. To avoid this, you can check our other blog Tips for Keeping Your Knee Healthy

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