Cooking improves digestibility of most foods

Cooking improves digestibility of most foods.

·         Flesh food get soft and easily chewable with cooking.

·         Proper cooking methods make food palatable,

·         improve appearance,taste,flavour, texture and enhance acceptability.

·         Help in destroying disease causing organisms and eliminate natural inhibitors of digestion.

Cooking processes like fermentation(idli,dosa and dhokla) and germination(sprouting) are commonly used.

·         These improve digestibility and nutrients like B-complex vits and Vit C.

Loss of nurients in food washing can be minimized by:

1.       Avoid repeated washing of food grains like rice and pulses.

2.       Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before cutting.

3.       Cut vegetables into larger pieces to prevent loss of vitamins due to oxidation.

4.       Water in which food grains have been soaked and whey water should not be thrown away.

Cooking effects

·         Boiling is the most common method in which water soluble Vit B complex and Vit C are lost.

·         Rice should be cooked using sufficient water which gets fully absorbed.

·         Cook food in vessels covered with lids to preserve nutrients and reduce cooking time.

·         Baking soda should not be used as it leads to loss of vitamins.

·         Prefer pressure/steam cooking to deep frying/roasting.

·         Use more of sprouted and fermented products.

·         Repeated heating of oils should be avoided as it leads to free radical formation.

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