Diarrhoea In Children

Diarrhoea is a common disease in childhood leading to dehydration and even death.

  1. Prompt correction of fluids and electrolyte losses to be done using Oral rehydration solution(ORS) and early feeding.
  2. How to prepare ORS-Add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar to a glass of drinking water.
  3. Use home made fluids like Rice kanji or buttermilk with salt.
  4. Small quantities of fluid by mouth,including plain water to be given.
  5. Continue feeding-Breast milk promotes sodium and water transport, prevents dehydration and weight loss along with providing nutrients.
  6. Never starve the child.

For 1-2 year old children

  • Calorie rich, semi solid, soft diets may be prepared from cereals and dals.
  • Fat and sugar reduce the bulk of diets.
  • To avoid lactose malabsorption, milk may be mixed with cereal .
  • Replace milk with curd/yoghurt if not tolerated.
  • Mashed vegetables may be fed to the child.
  • Give frequent feeds(6-8) during the day.

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