Fill the consultation form which is available on on Get Free Consultation tab. On the basis of your filled details our executive will contact you to book an appointment with our expert. Based on the scheduled time your expert will connect via skype, WhatsApp, or call as per your preferred mode. During consultation, our expert will do assessment of your problem, analyses your problem in depth and give appropriate treatment program to you.

After detailed assessment and diagnosis we provide a personalized problem specific exercise protocol, which also includes videos and pictures. These help you to properly follow your treatment program without leaving the comfort of your home.

Maximum problems can be treated by online consultation about which people are not aware off. But if your problem is not suitable to online or virtual treatment, we also provide home visits.

Yes, we do provide home therapy. Providing Home therapy depends on a case to case need basis.

Yes, people can call us on 0124-4646291 and fix appointment describing their requirement. You can also request a free callback from our executive by mentioning your suitable time.

Depending on your requirement the aligned therapist is going to suggest suitable plans for you. We have specially designed problem oriented programs to help you choose wisely. While the expert would be recommending you the most suited plan as per your problem.

You don’t need any reference, you can directly contact us through our website or contact us on 0124-4646291.

All physiotherapy appointments start with consultation. Expert will ask you some questions or may give you well-structured series of questionnaire designed to access your problem. By then, our Physio Expert would already have a clear idea of your problem. The Physio may perform some tests to confirm the diagnosis before providing treatment.

We take time to time follow ups during which we assess whether your treatment is going in the right direction or not. You can also consult us 24×7 for any queries/doubts you may have.

It depends on your problem, health condition, the regularity of your prescribed regime and your body’s recovery mechanism.

Home Visitation depends on the criticality of your problem and expert advice.

We have different plans and programs for Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Psychology. You can select on basis of your concern.

Detox provides services in 3 categories: Nutrition, Physiotherapist and Psychology to provide a complete solution for body, mind and soul.

Once you request consultation on our website or our direct contact number 0124-4646291, our executive will help you fix an appointment with our expert and during consultation our expert will suggest you the suitable mode (virtual or home care) of therapy.

Yes you can lose/gain weight in a healthy way as we do not promote any quick weight loss programs. We believe in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than putting you on a strict diet which results in fast Weight Loss but can make you Nutrient Deficient.

Based on your body composition several parameters would be evaluated and accordingly you would be suggested on the number of meals, types of food, etc that you would take.

How fast you lose weight depends upon certain factors among which your current body composition, basic metabolic rate, bone density, etc play a key role. While your dedication and regularity in following the suggested diet and exercise will help you get the expected result.

We have customized plans as per your goal needs. You can choose plans as per your requirement. Our Plans are specifically designed to tailor your needs.

In additional to diet, there are some more things which you need to do. Physical activities such as brisk walk, walking, jogging, running, yoga, skipping, dancing, bicycling and many other interesting activity types our fitness expert would suggest once s/he does your assessment.

Our nutritionist will provide you a personalized diet plan as per your body analysis and eating habits during the consultation call. You will get you plan via e-mail, Skype, Whatsapp as per your comfort.  We will take time to time follow ups. Any queries that you have will be resolved with 24 hours.

Yes, we all provide diets for patients suffering from different diseases based on their history and current condition and requirement. We will have regular follow ups with them and accordingly changes required in their diet plans will be given special attention.