Do you Feel Difficulty in Sleep?

Nowadays insomnia is a common disorder that is difficulty in sleep, wake up early and hard to sleep back again. Insomnia is not only affected your sleep but also affect your mood, energy level and quality of life.

Sleep varies from person to person, but adults need seven to nine hours a night. current researchers are showing that insomnia is a very common problem because your brain being unable to stop being awake.

Your brain has two cycles, one is sleep cycle in which turned on sleep and another one is a wake cycle in which turned off. Insomnia can be a problem with either part of this cycle: too much wake drive or too little sleep drive.

Following cause of insomnia

Medical condition

The various medical condition leads insomnia. Some condition itself cause insomnia and symptom or discomfort of the condition also cause insomnia. Some example of conditions is asthma, nasal allergies/sinus problem, gastrointestinal problem, chronic pain, neck and back pain.



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Any stressful event like trauma, death, illness of loved one, divorce or any other stress may lead to insomnia.

Any psychological problem such as Anxiety, depression also causes chronic insomnia.


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Some food or substance cause insomnia such as alcohol, caffeine. Alcohol can make sleep early but may disrupt sleep in later midnight.

Caffeine is a stimulant and can stay longer as eight hrs. Caffeine helps in start your day, helps in focus and feel more productive



Insomnia can be triggered by the unhealthy lifestyle. Some of daily routine activity or behavior may cause Insomnia.

  • When you work later in evening, you feel preoccupied when you go to sleep.
  • If you are taking naps or long hrs. Of sleep, in afternoon this could be a reason for insomnia.
  • Sleep later in the night also leads to lost sleep. Because this may disturb your body clock and sleep cycle.
  • If you work in the shift this can also confuse your body clock especially when work at night and try to sleep in the day.






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