Fight with Premature Aging by knowing these facts

Aging is a natural process of the body; everyone has to face to grow old. There are many factors which affect your age and make you look older than your biological age.

Many people look older than their actual age because either they engage in some activity which causes aging effects to accelerate or they do nothing to prevent early aging.

Let’s take a step towards maintaining a healthier, younger body and mind.

Aging and mind

The mind plays an important role in your aging process. A happy mind ages slower than a sad mind. A happy face always looks younger and happier and makes you live longer. Anger and distress can cause fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Aging and smoking/ drinking


As we all know smoking and drinking isn’t good for health and additionally it is also one of the causes of premature aging.

Smoking affects the entire body including the facial skin. Deprives it of enough oxygen and develops fine lines around the mouth, deepens forehead wrinkles and is twice as likely to develop bad teeth.

Excessive drinking leads to permanent marks on skin and damaging effect on kidney and liver.


Aging and Diet

water sources

Choosing right food will help you prevent aging.  Natural food products can keep the whole body looking younger and skin wrinkle free. Some food can cause the inflammatory effect on the body which also contributes to premature aging. Get detailed insights into what foods you must add in your diet to prevent aging, read here.


Aging and Weight

Being underweight and overweight can accelerate aging process. Being underweight reduces the essential nutrition substances from the body and makes the skin saggy and adds to the occurrence of wrinkles. Excessive weight can also make you look older.

Aging and Stress

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Chronic stress is a good recipe for aging. Stress will cause everything in your body like wrinkles on the face, a low energy level of body, reduce your work capacity etc.



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