What are these Guilt Free- Healthy Burgers? Burgers which are loaded with vegetables and are low in fat, highly nutritious and tempting at the same time. They help you prevent your cravings of junk food along with making it easy to achieve your beach body.

This is the best way to enjoy guilt free snacks during evening time. It is healthy because we are not using Maida Buns which are high in starch, instead we are using high fiber whole wheat buns. We are avoiding cheese in this burger but you won’t miss the taste of cheese, we have something in house for that.

One more reason to call these burgers healthy is that we aren’t deep frying the cutlets. They are only roasted on nonstick tawa (griddle)





Grill whole wheat buns on a non-stick tawa on both the sides.

For the Cutlets:

Chop onion, garlic, coriander all together and mix it with boiled sprouts and paneer (cottage cheese)

Add spices according to your taste and make round cutlets. Cook the cutlets on a non-stick tawa with 1 tsp oil. Cut slices of tomato, onion, lettuce leaves.

For the Sauce:

Take hung curd and mix coriander chutney into it and use this sauce for dressing in the burger.

Place half bun on the plate and apply the hung curd sauce and toss it up with sliced vegetables and place the cutlet onto it.

Serve with coriander chutney.


 1 Whole wheat burger bun

 2 slices of tomato

 ½ onion chopped

 2 cloves garlic

 2 slices of onion

 Lettuce leaves

 Boiled Sprouts (4-5 tbsp.)

 50g Paneer (cottage cheese)

 Hung curd (5 tbsp.)

 Coriander Chutney

 Coriander leaves

  Salt and Pepper to taste

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