Every ones favorite season, the rainy season. You get relief from sweat and hot weather and excuses to sip hot tea and enjoy savory snacks. As the rains pours down, it becomes difficult to step out to walk or to go gym and this is why you tend to put on extra kilos. In rainy season, there are increased cases of FLU, COLD and COUGH. This is mainly caused by humidity and change in climate. Healthy Eating is an art which can be done once you are aware.



If you take care of few simple tips it can prevent you from getting infected during monsoon and even help you in not gaining weight and sticking to healthy eating:

  • The main culprit in Monsoon is unhygienic outside food.

You should not eat outside during rainy season as it can cause flu and cold because the immune system gets weak during monsoons, so chances of getting infected are more.

  • Do not over eat!

Yes everyone loves eating fried snacks during monsoon and this ultimately leads to weight gain. So, keep an eye on what you are eating, because what you give to your body is what you will get back.

  • Include immunity boosters in your diet.

For example, Citrus Fruits like Orange, Lime, Lemon, Gooseberry, Yogurt, Sweet Potato, Garlic, Ginger, and Turmeric.

  • Chances of getting infected by Water-Borne disease like Typhoid, Dysentery is also very common.

So boil the Water before drinking it and do not eat food which is cooked in unhygienic conditions.

  • Wash vegetables and fruits before consuming.

Try to eat cooked food and avoid raw vegetables during this period.

  • Drink Herbal Tea as they are rich in Antioxidants and boosts immunity.
  • Avoid excessive intake of Tea and Coffee.

Tea and Coffee dehydrates the body, so keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

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