Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy is a highly demanding physiologic state. In low socioeconomic groups, you find maternal malnutrition in India causing low birth weight infants and high maternal mortality.

Pregnant/lactating woman should eat a variety of foods to ensure her own nutritional needs as well of her growing infant.

Macro and Micronutrients

Daily Increase In Energy, Protein and Fat intakes.

  • Folic acid-Reduce the risk of birth malformations and increases the birth weight.
  • Mother and Foetus need iron to meet the high demands of Rbc formation.
  • Calcium is essential for both Pregnancy and lactation-
  1. For bones and teeth of the baby.
  2. For secreting breast milk rich in calcium.
  3. To prevent Osteoporosis in mother.
  • Iodine is must for proper mental health of growing foetus and infant.
  • Vitamin A in lactation improves child survival.
  • Vitamin B12 and C are needed by the lactating mother.

What to Eat

  1. Energy-60% from rice, wheat and millets, Cooking oil(Also PUFA)
  2. Protein-Milk, fish, poultry and eggs

Proper combination of cereals, pulses and nuts.

  1. Folic acid-Green leafy veg, legumes, nuts and liver.
  2. Iron-Legumes, dry fruits and green leafy vegetables, meat, fish and poultry.
  3. Fruits rich in Vit C like amla, guava, citrus fruits and sprouts improve Iron absorption from plant foods.
  4. Calcium-Milk is the best source.
  5. Fibre-Eat whole grains, cereals, pulses and vegetables to avoid constipation.
  6. Plenty of fluids-8-12 glasses of water.
  7. Salt not to be restricted.
  8. Avoid excess tea and coffee.
  9. Daily supplements of Iron, Folic acid, Vit B12 and calcium after 14-16 weeks pregnancy and continue in lactation.

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