Keep Your Back Happy


Follow these tips to help prevent back problems:

  1. Lift Correctly

Lifting heavy items in the wrong posture leads to pain in back and muscle strains. This may also cause locking of facet joints and disc bulge. Correct lifting involves knee joint. So, remember to always bend down your knees to lift any object from the floor.


  1. Go for a Walk

Walking keeps your body upright, nourishing spinal structures, improving flexibility and strengthens your bone structure.

It also maintains the cardiopulmonary fitness of body and prevents from the various back problem.


  1. Work on your Core Muscles

Your core muscles (which include lower back and abdominal muscles) need to be strong and support your spine to take pressure off your lower back.

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4. Correct Ergonomic Sitting

Continuous sitting in the wrong posture leads to back stiffness and pain.  Take time to make sure your office chair and desk are ergonomically aligned to support your spine.

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5. Lose Extra Weight

Increased body weight leads to postural changes and causes back pain. Calculate your basal metabolic rate and index, these indexes will show you how much extra weight you need to be reduced.

6. Maintain Right Posture

Sit straight on the chair, avoid slumping in your chair, hunching over a desk, or walking with your shoulders hunched.

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7.Check your Sleeping Posture and Mattress

Don’t sleep on your stomach. Make sure you are sleeping on a mattress and pillow which maintains your proper spinal alignment.

 8.Maintain a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Diet helps you prevent back pain, proper nutrition is important. Quit smoking as it increases your chances of developing back pain.


If you have pain, it is better to see your physiotherapist sooner rather than later. For directly connecting with an expert you can also contact on 0124-4646291


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