Ketogenic diet helps to lose weight!

Ketogenic diet is a low carb,high fat,moderate protein diet which helps you lose weight.It betters physical health and performance but also has initial side effects.

When the glucose is low the body starts producing Ketones for fuel in liver from fat.

This is Ketosis.

On a ketogenic diet the body starts burning the fat stores.Insulin levels become low.There is less hunger and energy is supplied steadily.Good weight loss occurs.

Avoid in certain conditions-

  • Diabetics on insulin
  • Patients with high bp on medication
  • Breastfeeding mothers

Weight Loss

  • Fat burning is increased as Insulin(the fat storing hormone) levels drop.
  • Studies have shown that with low carb and ketogenic diets, effective weight loss occurs from fat stores.

Type-2 Diabetes

A ketogenic diet is effective in reversing type-2 diabetes as it reduces blood glucose level.

Better Mental Focus

  • Brain can focus better with good concentration on ketogenic diets.You can avoid big swings in blood sugar.
  • In the adaptation phase(for one week),however,one can be easily irritated and have head aches.

More physical endurance

  • Body and brain are supplied by your fat stores which can last for weeks and months.
  • Take enough fluids and salt.
  • Ensure two weeks adaptation period.

Reduced Epilepsy

  • Effective in reducing epileptic seizures.Has been used since 1920.

What foods to eat?

  • Include Fish , seafood, meat, eggs, vegetables above ground-broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, Olive oil, butter, berries etc.
  • Avoid eating carbohydrates.
  • Keep net carbs below 50g/day.
  • Avoid starches like Rice, Potato, Pasta, bread and most fruits.
  • In such diets,you get 10% energy from carbohydrates,15-25% from proteins and 70% or more from fat.
  • Dishes-Baked vegetable, grilled fish, chicken etc can be chosen as preferred dishes.

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