Nutrient rich diet for elderly

Nutrient rich diet to keep fit and active in elderly

Persons above 60years of age are termed as elderly. Consumption of simple, nutritious food enables the elderly to live an active and meaningful life, without being a burden on society and family members.

Physiological and metabolic changes occur:

  • Decline in metabolism, physical activity, digestion, bone and muscle strength.
  • Failing insight and impaired hearing.
  • Low physical activity and dental problems lead to low appetite.
  • Less food intake and poor absorption of nutrients.
  • Inability to prepare food and low purchasing power affect health and nutritional status.

Common diseases in Elderly

  1. Fall in resistance to disease.
  2. Degenerative diseases occur- Arthritis, osteoporosis, cataract, diabetes,                                        cardiovascular problems (stroke and heart diseases)
  3. Neurological diseases-Parkinson, Alzheimer
  4. Cancer

Nutritional advice       

1.Eat a variety of nutrient rich foods to keep fit, improve diet quality and bowel function.

  • Cereals, pulses, 200-300 ml Toned milk and milk products,
  • 400g of vegetables and fruits provide fibre, micro nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Flesh foods and eggs whites.

2.Diet to be well cooked ,soft, less salty and spicy.

3.Take small meals at frequent intervals.

4.Daily intake of oil upto 20g.

5.Avoid ghee, butter, vanaspati and coconut oil

6.Avoid,fried,salty and spicy foods.

7.Regular exercise for healthy life. Decide schedule in consultation with a physician.


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