Why a Nutritious Breakfast is so Important?


Are you one of those who usually skip their Breakfast or just take a cup of tea/coffee with bread or a glass of juice in the name of breakfast? Is it really as simple as you think? We are so busy in daily chores that we skip the most important thing: Breakfast and breakfast literally mean “break the fast” as it is the first meal of your day.

Your body is like a machine without fuel machines cannot work just like that breakfast also works as a fuel for your body which provides enough energy to your body to get started with your daily tasks.

      Health hazards of skipping breakfast:

  • Decreased energy level which leads to poor performance.
  • Lowers metabolism.
  • Increases chances of diabetes.
  • Risk of developing certain heart disorders.
  • Can cause overeating which again leads to obesity.
  • Can affect your concentration levels.
  • Causes hair falls.
  • Can leads to migraines.

       Benefits of having a Healthy Breakfast:-

  • Boost the metabolism:

    During sleep, metabolism tends to slow down so the best way to boost the metabolism is a healthy breakfast.

  • Helps to control Weight:

    There is a misconception that if you starve throughout the day and then eat a heavy dinner will help you lose weight. Well not recommended at all. The best option is to have a healthy, good breakfast then eating less at lunch and dinner to maintain healthy body weight.

  • Decrease risk of heart problems:

    Several studies have shown that eating healthy breakfast can reduce the risk of heart diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and high cholesterol.

  • Improve Concentration and Memory:

    Different studies show that those who eat breakfast can concentrate better and solve problems more easily and possess better memory and muscle coordination.

  • Prevents Diabetes:

    A morning meal helps to keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.

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