Do you have Pain in elbow?

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a painful condition of the elbow. It is an inflammation of the tendon of extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle. This tendon is attached between muscle and bone near the elbow joint. It is also called Lateral epicondylitis

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Tennis elbow is repetitive stress on the muscle of elbow which causes wear and tears changes of muscle and tendon. It is an overuse injury during hitting a backhand shot in tennis with poor technique

Any activity which requires again and again movement of the elbow will cause tennis elbow, like repetitive movements of the elbow in tennis. You can also get it by different activities which involve repetitive motion like playing by racquets, Repetitive computer mouse use, using plumbing tools, driving screw, tree cutting, carpentry, playing a musical instrument, painting or cooking etc.


Symptoms of Tennis elbow


Pain is the most common symptom. It occurs at about 1 to 2 cm down from the bony part on the outside of the elbow. Initially, pain in wrist movement only but in later stage pain will continue every time.



In Acute stage, swelling may present due to micro tear in the muscle.


Weakness of forearm muscle

Weakness in forearm muscle cause shaking of the hand, difficulty in grip an object or hold a cup of coffee.



  • Rest your finger, wrist, and forearm muscles. Allow them to heal properly.
  • Apply cold pack on elbow
  • Do forearm muscle stretching after consultation
  • Wear tennis elbow band
  • When Pain is gone, Do proper strengthening of muscles around the elbow.


Prevention of tennis elbow

  • Take frequent break from work in which you need to keep elbow in the same position for long hours
  • Do stretching of muscles of forearm especially when you are playing by racquets, Repetitive computer mouse use, using plumbing tools, driving screw
  • Consult with expert when you feel continuous pain or discomfort in elbow





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