At the time of pregnancy, the body releases a hormone: RELAXIN. It relaxes the joints and ligament in female’s pelvis to make it easier for the baby to pass through the birth canal.

This hormonal change leads to instability of joints and ligament which attach the pelvis bone to spine. These changes don’t go away overnight. So, your back may continue to ache until your muscles regain their strength and tone and your joints become less lax. This leads to the risk of joint inflammation, misalignment of the spine which can cause lower back pain.

Women who had back pain before or during pregnancy are more prone to have persistent back pain after pregnancy. It’s common to have some back pain after giving birth. In some woman it resolves within a few months, though some women will continue to have pain for much longer than six months or a year.

How physiotherapy will help in post pregnancy lower back pain?

Physiotherapy starts with training the individual about back care. The therapist will focus on different back care measures such as ergonomic, which teaches woman correct posture during each and every activity like during walk, stand and sit to reduce or eliminate the possibility of recurring back pain post pregnancy.


Physical Therapy Management

Your therapist will include several techniques such as postural modifications, back strengthening exercises, stretching, and self-mobilization methods. Few basic things which patients can follow are listed:

  • Starting with gentle exercises. For eg: A Walk: It is the safest way to start, immediately after any kind of delivery (vaginal or caesarean).
  • Soft tissue massage.
  • Do warm bath or apply heat pack on affected area.
  • Use belt to support your back.
  • Stretching exercises and yoga: after proper consultation (Free Consultation Available) your therapist will prescribe stretching of all tight muscles.


    • Back and abdominal muscle strengthening exercises: start with gentle back strenghthing exercise, then gradually do strengthening of core muscles with proper consultation.


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