Sign of low calcium you need to be aware off!

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Calcium plays an important role in the maintenance of strong and healthy bones. It helps in blood clotting, early developmental growth and muscle contraction and relaxation. Calcium also leads to neurotransmitter release and muscle contraction. So, low calcium levels can cause muscle cramps and spasms.

Calcium can be obtained from natural food sources. Good sources of calcium include green leafy vegetables, dairy products and calcium-fortified tofu (more details can be found here)

Calcium deficiencies can affect all parts of the body, resulting in muscle spasms, weak bones, weak nails, slower hair growth, and fragile thin skin. Low level of calcium in the blood is mostly a result of too much calcium loss in urine or not enough calcium is moved from bones into the blood. Following sign of calcium, you need to be aware of:

  1. Muscle cramps

If you are suffering from frequent muscle cramps, you may have low calcium levels. Muscle cramps lead to muscle aches, especially in the thighs and calf muscles, it is an early indication of low calcium levels.



  1. Brittle nails

Your nails need calcium to maintain their integrity. Low levels of calcium could make your nails extremely weak and susceptible to easily break.


  1. Fatigue

A calcium deficiency can lead to fatigue, a symptom that may be accompanied by numbness in the extremities, muscle cramps and decreased appetite.


  1. Frequent illness

Calcium helps to maintain a healthy immune system. Deficiency of calcium can lead to respiratory and intestinal infections. Deficiency of calcium reduces body’s resistance against pathogen attack.


  1. Numbness and tingling sensations

People with low calcium feel tingling and numbness in their fingers and toes, on the face and especially on their lips.


Severe symptoms of low Calcium are depression, memory loss, hallucinations, easy fracturing of the bones.


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