Sprouts-the wonder grains

Sprouting or germination is a method by which you can improve digestibility and increase B-complex vitamins and vitamin C .

  • You can eat sprouts either raw or steam and mix with vegetables .
  • Sprouted grains are high in nutritional value in terms of Protein, Vit B complex, Vit C, fibre, folate and essential amino acids.
  • These are an excellent snack /salad option while trying to lose weight as they keep you full longer.
  • You can easily add them to dishes such as Pancakes , vegetables, curries, raitas, Porridge , Upma, Poha, Uttapams and give a crunchy texture, and colour to your food.
  • You can Sprout Alfalfa, Oats, quinoa, maize, ragi, barley, bajra in addition to pulses such as Moong, Moth, Chana and Rajmah and make them more nutritious.
  • Also seeds like pumpkin, sesame, methi, coriander, groundnuts and musk melon can be sprouted.
  • Alfalfa is called the King of sprouts and is rich in Vitamins A,B,C,E and K as well as manganese, calcium and essential amino acids.
  • Sprouts provide most easily available and digestible form of protein at a highly economical cost.
  • Hence, Sprouts as a food are indeed a powerhouse of nutrients, so go enjoy your Sprouts!

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