Use salt in moderation

Salt is essentially used in diets to enhance taste and flavour.It is also a known preservative.

All foods have sodium but its majorly present in added salt(40% Sodium,60%chloride).

Sodium helps in

  • Maintaining water balance and equilibrium.
  • Cellular functions

Daily Requirement of Salt-8g/day.

Sources of Sodium                            

  • Cereals,Pulses,Vegetables,milk,animal and sea foods.
  • 40% of Indian families consume about 10g salt daily(300-400 mg sodium).
  • Salt should be restricted from an early age.
  • Pickles,chips,ketchup,papad and canned foods contain high salt.
  • Use always Iodized salt.

Health problems

1.Salt intake is strongly associated with blood pressure.

  • Prevalence of Hypertension is low when consumption is less than 3g salt per day.
  • Potassium rich foods like fresh vegetables and fruits lower blood pressure.
  • Intake of salt more than 10g is a risk factor for Hypertension.

2.Excess salt also causes gastritis and gastric cancer.

3.High sodium intake reduces bone density.

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