When you should stop your workout?

More and more intense workout isn’t always better; particularly with the certain problem you already suffering from heart diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Your workout should not trigger any abnormal activity or response of your body. It is very important to consult with doctor or therapist before planning or beginning of the workout.

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Following 5 signs you should not avoid:

1.Chest Pain:

Chest Pain is never normal activity, if you feel any pain in the chest or along with this nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath stops working out and call for ambulance or doctor.

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2. Shortness of Breath:

Shortness of breath could be due to exercise-induced asthma. Sometimes it is due to Respiratory Infection also.

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3.Feeling of Dizziness:

It could be due to low blood pressure, dehydration, diabetes, or any other neurological problem.



4.Leg Cramps:

Cramping is a very frequent problem but legs cramps during exercise are the signal of blockage of your leg’s main artery.




5.Swelling and Pain in Joints

Minor muscle pain is very common due to soreness but joint pain is different condition and it requires your immediate attention to prevent the risk of any bone damage, nerve compression.

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