Is your Work Affecting your Waistline?

Adding pounds while climbing the corporate ladder? You are working so hard to restrain yourself to build your career but it’s not always easy, sometimes it comes with a price.

In a desk job, you could gain weight because of continuously sitting in a chair surrounded by food. Don’t freak out! Here are some ways to stop yourself from gaining weight.

Wellness is not a priority of your organization

Many companies have helped to encourage their employee wellness by offering on-site health appointments, diet counseling, and gym memberships. It’s a very good way to keep your employees fit and happy, simultaneously improving their productivity.

Frequent business trips

Because of frequent official trips, you can’t maintain your health routine and you have to eat whatever is available. This also causes weight gain. Keep healthy snacks with you and try to order a healthy dish from the available menu.

Working late

When you work late or have night shift it also causes weight gain. Late night working results in late dinner time and improper sleep which adds pounds to your body. Try to avoid late night work and also eating too late in the night.

Blow off to Party


After working hard for the full day, you usually wish to have some drinks or cocktails with your colleagues. Frequent boozing slows your metabolic process resulting in weight gain. So try to take low- calorie drinks and replace your alcohol intake with other healthy drinks.

Too much stress


When you work with too much stress you gain more weight because you eat more to cope up and avoid going outside of the home. Change your work environment and also indulge yourself in some stress relieving activities like yoga and meditation.


Eat Smart


Eating unhealthy snacks like French fries throughout the day makes you fat. Instead, have several healthy snacks to munch in your working hours.

Don’t starve or deprive yourself of food. You will end up being irritated and may have headache issue, preventing you to work with all your focus.

Choose healthy options like fresh fruits, non-fried foods, etc. These help you feel full without adding pounds.

Keep Moving

Continuous sitting in front of the screen leads to weight gain and other ergonomic problems (like neck pain, back pain). So take quick breaks between works and go for walk during lunch break. Also, always use stairs instead of lift or elevator.

Don’t Give Up Workouts

Don’t stop your workout activities because of working all the time. If don’t have time you can do some work out in office.

Figure out your most suitable time (morning or evening) and the kind of activity which keeps you motivated for a long time.



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