You can be your own therapist!


No one knows and understands your body as much you know it. The best way to keep healthy is to be your own therapist. You can be your own teacher, researcher and experimenter.

Why it’s important?

  • Being your own therapist, you can enhance your health and maintain a healthy life style.
  • Treating yourself will help you in various ways, for example: you should always maintain a right posture which will prevent various postural problems (like neck pain, back pain).
  • A Therapy that you can do at any time without any cost is that you can do various finger gripping exercises while watching television. It is a time saving procedure.
  • Being your own therapist will help you to prevent lot of problems in future.
  • With any new problem, you have to decide whether to ignore it or take action.
  • In day to day life most common complains are feeling tired, headache, joint pain, muscle ache, obesity etc. To reduce this problem, you can learn various techniques like self-massage at home. For free consultation on the same, contact here


How to keep track of yourself?

Treating yourself requires having the right amount of information with you. You need to know how to assess yourself, when and where to get help or you are completely on your own. For that:

  • Keep your records of weight, blood pressure, sugar level, and various blood investigation like calcium level, vitamin D level, uric acid level, etc. with you. This will help you to know your health status.
  • Maintain healthy diet chart. A heathy diet plays important role in healthy lifestyle.


What are techniques for home therapy?

After proper guidance, various techniques can be followed at home:

Self-massage: improves blood circulation, reduce the pain and relaxation of the body.

Self-stretching: helps you maintain flexibility of body and prevent various injury.


Regular exercise: maintain a regular exercise protocol which includes general exercise of back, neck, hands, and legs.

     Do regular walk: it helps maintain cardiorespiratory fitness.

Mediation: is good for mental health, helps to reduce stress and relax the body.

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